The SATA to IDE adaptor I used, but it can turn IDE to SATA too.

My 15 year old PC with motherboard K8 Upgrade VM800 did not see my secondhand SSD-disk SATA3 in BIOS.

I found out that it was caused by my motherboard that only worked at SATA1-2 speed.

SSD-disks can sometimes be adjusted to lower SATA-speed by a pin on the SSD-disk but not mine.

I bought a SATA to IDE-adaptor för 8 USD and then the SSD-disk was detected by BIOS and I could install Linux Mint.

Note: Check on the adaptor for the place for the SATA-contact for SATA to IDE (if you put the SATA.cable in wrong place the PC will not boot) and also attach power via a floppy contact to the adaptor (white contact to the left).

The PC was much faster after this.

Min externa hårddisk Seagate 2 TB slutade att fungera och gick ej att rädda med programmet Testdisk i Linux.

Tidigare har jag lyckats rädda en hårddisk med Testdisk så den höll 4 år till.

Min externa hårddisk var helt inplastad och verkade omöjlig att öppna.

Men på Youtube fanns en video (se ovan) hur man öppnar den, med ett platt vasst föremål.

När den var öppen så lossade jag sex skruvar och då gick hårddisken att dra ut.

Det är en vanlig hårddisk i den externa hårddisken.

Köpte på Tradera en Seagate hårddisk 1 TB för 220 kr inklusive frakt.

Monterade in hårddisken och sedan fungerade den externa hårddisken perfekt. En ny hade kostat 800-1000 kr.

En Denver surfplatta, som var 2 år, stängde av sig fast batteriet var fullt. Det är en s.k billig kinesisk surfplatta för 900 kr.

Androider som surfplattor och smartphones kan få fel på batterifilen, som gör att surfplattan tror att strömmen är slut och stänger av sig själv fast batteriet är fullt.

Lösningen är att installera en batterikalibreringsapp, som sedan öppnas.

Sedan klickar man på knappen Calibrate och sedan kalibrerades batteriet och surfplattan fungerade.

Det är bättre att göra detta än en återställning till fabriksinställningar, som hade ingen effekt på detta problem.

Om batteriet tar slut på en sådan surfplatta kan du köpa ett externt extra batteri (powerbank minst 100 kr) och koppla till surfplattan och tejpa fast på baksidan. Det går att byta batterier på sådana surfplattor, men den måste öppnas och sedan måste rätt batteri införskaffas och lödas fast.

On the right side is the under side of the casette and the arrow indicates the hole that must be widened a little

Since many years I have not found original ribbon bands to my dotmatrix printer Panasonic KX-P2023 from 1996.

From, U.K I bought generic Panasonic bands KX-P115i and they worked very well.

However, when I needed new bands I ordered original Panasonic bands KX-P115i (Made in Vietnam) from swedish actually cheaper than from However, these band did not fit and I read that others complained over it too. When I studied it I found that on the right side on the printer there is a peg and the hole in the ribbon cassette did not fit with it.

I took my Swiss Army knife smallest blade and widened the hole (see picture) a little and then suddenly the print cassette fitted and snapped in place.

Hurray my old printer was saved!

A dot matrix printer gives permanent text, which is an advantage and is cheaper than a laser printer.

ribbon cassette

I can't buy dotmatrix ribbons in Sweden for my Panasonic KX-P2023 from 1996 and have to order them from England.

I have read that people take out the used ribbons of the cartridge and soak them in ink and then remove excess ink with blotting paper. Sounds messy and in need of too much ink.

I have used a simpler technique with applying the ink with a simple water color brush on the ribbon without opening the cassette.

One cassette took 30 minutes to reink and I put on ink then moved the ribbon two cm forward.

The drawback of this technique is that it gets easy excess of ink.

But I waited 3 weeks for the ink to be absorbed and get a rather dry surface. Almost every day I moved the ribbon forward. Printing worked very well but the first 5 pages of print had a little too much of ink. The ink I used was not printer ink but instead an old bottle of Pelikan ink for stamps which was dark blue. As I got it free from my father it did not cost me anything.

For those in Europe that wants to order dotmatrix ribbon casettes I recommend


There are tutorials how to change PHP in Xampp, but they are often complex like this one.

I use a much simpler and faster method that worked for me many times.

Xampp should be inactive.

Change the name of the xampp folder to xampp.old

C:\xampp to C:\xampp.old

Then download and install the new Xampp with another PHP-version.

Check that Xampp is working. Then shut down Xampp.

A Huawei E220 modem  (information scarce about modems and Denver tablets)

First I recommend upgrade of firmware for the Huawei E220 modem (works on android and Linux). I bought it secondhand for 17 USD. I upgraded firmware from v7 to v10. The difference is that the dashboard in Windows is nicer and bigger in version 10. Internet connection is said to be better too. I did the upgrade in Windows XP, because Windows 10 failed, but could be caused by hardware I think rather than Windows 10 itself. The modem was not visible in Device Manager in Windows 10. Prior upgrade I tried to unlock the moden with 3 different methods but all failed. After the upgrade one method of unlock vanished also. Here you can find firmware to download from Telia.

Note: ZTE MF102 3 G modem with Comviq firmware worked directly, if the PIN-code on the SIM-card was disabled.

The first thing to do is to disable PIN-code on your sim card in a mobile. Its recommended by Denver.