PH2New is a template created by for Joomla 1.5 based on the popular PH2-theme for PHP-Nuke.

This template has now been converted to Joomla 2.5 by

This version has position-7, position-12 and position-2.

In addition CSS-support for columns and articles have been added and some more adjustments in CSS.

You can add more positions via editing index.php, but remember that don't change div id for that position, because then CSS for that position will not function.

You can look at this template at this site by changing to PH2New25 i Ändra utseende in the left a bit down.

In images-folder is, which when unzipped contain images so you can change images to fit your site.  

Note that the frontpage of PH2New25 should have grey background and it will have that if you have english as language or uses Home in menu.

If you dont have home you need to change style1.css at the top with html.home and body.home.