On the right side is the under side of the casette and the arrow indicates the hole that must be widened a little

Since many years I have not found original ribbon bands to my dotmatrix printer Panasonic KX-P2023 from 1996.

From Stinkyink.com, U.K I bought generic Panasonic bands KX-P115i and they worked very well.

However, when I needed new bands I ordered original Panasonic bands KX-P115i (Made in Vietnam) from swedish www.123ink.se actually cheaper than from Stinkyink.com. However, these band did not fit and I read that others complained over it too. When I studied it I found that on the right side on the printer there is a peg and the hole in the ribbon cassette did not fit with it.

I took my Swiss Army knife smallest blade and widened the hole (see picture) a little and then suddenly the print cassette fitted and snapped in place.

Hurray my old printer was saved!

A dot matrix printer gives permanent text, which is an advantage and is cheaper than a laser printer.


#1 Admin1 2021-06-21 17:53
Från Kontorsgiganten kan man beställa färgband till Panasonic skrivare billigt 42 kr plus moms. Märket är Pelikan. Har beställt men ej testat ännu.

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